Dear Deepak,
You have trained our 200+ staff of Managers as well as lower management levels.
My main problems at business, when i approached you were staff attrition and motivation to work. Through your training techniques, I would announce that my purpose behind conducting the training, are fullfilled. Your training module, which is rich in videos, stories and interaction were very much palatable to their level of understanding.
My staff always looks forward to attending your trainings to such an extent that it has become one of the major motivation factors for them to stick with your company.

Devang Kabra – Owner, Cream Stone Stores.

Awesome training !
Everyone should do this training, as it helps us how to behave with different personalities. Thanks, Mr. Deepak for giving us this opportunity to attend this training in Pune only.

Sunitaji is really an awesome trainer.

Sarika Lohia – Entrepreneur in Online Business

Thank you so much Mr. Deepak for introducing me to this workshop on ‘People Management ‘. 

I am sure I will be able to analyse people according to the DISC analysis and will ensure that I react or behave with people falling in different quadrants accordingly.

Sunita Ma’am actually conducted the workshop well.

I really enjoyed the workshop.

Pranita Pitaliya – Manager, Pharma Company.

The People Management workshop conducted by NMS GloSol was well conceived and executed with finesse and patience for each participant. My questions were well answered and in-depth. I can now have an even better read on people.

Kineree Shah – Image Consultant

This Workshop helps us to understand our Personality at the same time, it delves into Other Personality Traits. How we can understand other personality and deal with them so as we can have win win situation.

It has really helped me understand various people with different personality in my Personal  and Professional life and Better ways of dealing with them.

I recommend everyone to attend this workshop.

Manoj B – Director of a leading MNC Distributor in Photo Copy Business

People management program really helped me to understand the behavioural pattern of next person so that I can avoid conflict and can manage people very well.we can not prove anybody wrong but definitely we can have better understanding by knowing people’s behaviour and thought process. It is really a good program which will help me in my professional as well as personal life.

Ganesh Shelke – Sales Head

I am very happy to state that my entire team got
highly keyed up after attending the wonderful session
conducted by Mr. Deepak Mundada.
This motivation helped us to go through the extremely testing
the period during which GST was developed and rolled out to
thousands of our customers.
Deepak’s communication skills are laudable and
his hands on approach make the audience comfortable
and enables sharing. We are delighted to have had
Deepak take this session and are sure we shall be
connecting again in the future.
Deepak, you are a gem!
Wish you all the best.

Ajit Thadhani – C.E.O, Retailware

Hello Deepak,

First of all thank you so much for such a wonderful People Management workshop. The session was awesome, and it will really be very very helpful everywhere not only in professional life but also in personal life… because it is very important to understand the person you are spending time with, it could be anyone may be your family or your office staff, or it can be a stranger also. And I feel after this session at least we can understand the person’s behavior to some extent.  
Thanks so much for this. You people are doing a great job, keep it up, also keep me posted about your training programs, maybe I can help some more people to understand others.
And lots of that’s to Sunita ma’am also, hope to see you all soon. Take care.

Shamal – Operations Manager, Altrack Group.

People Workshop feedback- 

  · How to judge or you can say Understand people & their nature.
  · How to interact or work with DISC  categorized people without changing yourself.
  · Learned lots about How to Deal with D categorized people or with your boss.
  · Most important all kind of people’s like DISC people is important in our life, but how to get things done or work get done from them without changing yourself.

Sonam – Pre Sales Head for a leading Real Estate company in Pune

People Management is required from family to office staff, from our children to tough client. The program offers an understanding of different personalities which starts with our own personality. And it gives us the opportunity to understand how we can deal with the people around us effectively.

I will personally recommend all of you to attend.

Rajkumar – Director Sales, Pharma company.

Had a wonderful session with you. Love to know how to judge the behaviour of person and how to respond. It will help me while working. I will always try to implement it in daily routine. 

Rahul K – Sales Head

It was a great seminar that I have attended. Got to know many In-depth techniques to identify PPL you are surrounded with…

Nilesh Darda – Owner, Event Management Company.